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my bub [26 May 2013|10:13pm]
I'm engaged again lolz
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random stuff [10 Dec 2009|01:24pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So yesterday I had a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics. It was bad. I had red dots ALL over my body, and a fever to go along with it. Fail. I had to cancel my 2 appts so that sucks, but its a set number of visits in each contract, so I didn't necessarily lose any money, just for this month.

I have been keeping pretty busy I guess, since Frank has been gone: (also since my job starts when kids get OUT of school, I can get up super late).
Wake up around 1030-1230
Do chores/house work if I have time.
Run or go to the gym 1230-2
Tutor 3-8
aaaaand I still work at the skatepark Fri, Sat, Sun. It is my vacation time, that I get paid for also. Word.

Frank and I (even though he hasn't been here for more than a few weeks at a time) live in a house in Audubon Park. It is next to Baldwin Park and Winter Park. It is cute, and close to downtown. I love it.

I bought a new car. VW Jetta TDI. It gets over 600miles for one tank for 14 gallons of diesel. YES PLEASE. It is awesome. Black, cream colored leather interior, automatic, (thank god-my left knee was killing me from the manual Audi), only 22k miles on it, mint condition. :)

I had a dream last night I was in the army, geez I wonder why..ha. And it was fun, probably just from the constant attention from every guy. Slim pickin's over in Iraq.

I have been talking to Matt Hertzman's brother online, he is in Iraq, which I think is cool. He is pretty goofy and funny. He has tons of girl problems, even though he won't admit it. Stop fixating on girls and creating relationships with them and focus on being yourself (like you are with me) and you wont attract all the clingy trainwrecks with idealistic hopes and dreams. Don't be mad at me :p Just take it in..We def need to go out while in West Florida though, I can help you find a good one. haha.

So over Thanksgiving at the condo in Sarasota (which was a good time), I asked my gma if she would pay for grad school. Answer we yes. I just gotta get some numbers together and print it out, and boom, check written. Word.I wouldn't mind a Ph.D. though, CALL ME DOCTOR, biatch.

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[09 Dec 2009|09:36pm]
I forgot about this thing.
I am engaged to Frank. August 4th, Orlando International Airport.
Charlie is in Afghanistan.
Not cute.

Frank comes home from Ft Leonardwood in 7 days!
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[19 Apr 2009|12:34pm]
I went to 3oh3 last night, it was awesome. So many 14 year old jits. Word... Robb was in heaven.
Family Force 5 is a fucking epic and entertaining band to see live. I mean, it's no GWAR but oh well.
I am at work, alone, bored.
I lost my voice last night, people that I have to talk to look at me like I'm purple or something when I open my mouth.
I went downtown last night? Yeah, I think I did..saw Pita and Shamir, BBQ was fun.
//\\ one love //\\

College is over. [15 Apr 2009|09:45pm]
I would like to begin by saying that the state of Missouri is the worst place I have been to up to this day of my life. It is cold, overcast, and boring. With that being said, my trip was refreshing. It didn't feel like I had ever even been apart from Frank. Weird, but extremely reassuring. It is weird that Frank has money now, and I don't mean that in a mean way, but I did not spend a penny up there. He comes home June 9th (hopefully).

I have one more assignment to do for college, amazing. I am so glad I took my time and did the whole slow poke 5 year thing, what's the rush? I guess I can say that because my dad gives me money.

Speaking of which, I had to pick him up from the airport yesterday, it was good to see him. It was nice to take care of someone, with Frank being gone and all. I took him to dinner, did his laundry, and made sure he got on the train OK this morning. I miss doing nice things for Frank all the time, so I took it out on my dad, ha. Well anyways, he told me he would give me 3 grand to finish paying my rent for me until August. He then proceeded to hand me a gold coin, weighing one ounce. The current price of gold is about 950 an ounce. He had 3 in his pocket, I swear he is so odd. Very unique though. He also offered to help Frank with his remaining student loan, which is nice of him. He really respects him now (or he as just accepted that "yeah, it's serious").
I have 2 days left of teaching at my internship, then the next week I will be just observing other classes in the school. I am excited to shadow the gifted class.

I am not walking in graduation, but I am going to go visit Jamie when she does!
May will be filled with working a lot more at the park, Sarasota and Gainesville Jamie trips, and one more trip to miserable Missouri to see my baybay. June will hopefully be filled with more working, a cruise with my baybay or a trip to Puerto Rico.

I just ran 3 miles, I love feeling epic after.
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[07 Apr 2009|03:27pm]
Good news:
-I have done everything (except making one graph, and writing one short paper) to graduate.
-It is currently my spring break
-I ran 4 miles today
-I had fun last night at Froggers

Bad news:
-It is spring break, and everyone else is working or has classes, so I am so effing bored since I am done with most my hw and all my chores and errands.
-Robb has the dog, and today would be the perfect day to go on a long walk.

play with me.
//\\ one love //\\

[05 Apr 2009|09:25am]
4 days until I am flying to Missouri to see Frank. He will be home for good on June 6th. Hurray!
I took Bear back for the weekend, stole her away from Robb. Hurray!
Fast and Furious was terrible (or terribly awesome).
I am done with my Tesol notebook and my Livetext online portfolio (4 years in the making).
I have 2 weeks left of internship.
I am not walking at graduation.
Matt came to visit me at the park yesterday.
I am so happy I didn't go out last night. Dwayne and JB's drunkfest is still wrecking my body.
Running before work.
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making school my bitch [23 Mar 2009|08:59pm]
TESOL notebook: An ongoing compilation of work from your entire college career, related to ESOL students.
Livetext: An ongoing online compilation of all work done for your major.
I have not kept up with these, and it is a stressed thing all through out the major! You need to present both to be able to graduate, even IF you complete all classes and do well. It has been weighing on my mind for..years. And I just put in about an hour of work, and I am SO close to finishing them both. I feel free, and it feels amazing.


Frankie got a cell phone too :) Pretty much life is awesome, and I can't wait to graduate, travel, and make some money and love.
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[22 Mar 2009|08:00pm]
I wish you would call me backkkkk love.
Frank is squad leader again, obv. He is in Missouri right now doing more of his MOS training. Won't be home until July. I am going up there to see him in the beginning of April, and then in May.

I was skeptical of staying with him because of the distance thing, but I think that because of people in my life, they have shown me that what I have with Frank is actually really special and that I should cherish that because I won't/don't have it with anyone else. So thank you for helping me see that.

I'd say Robb is one of my best friends right now, but we spent way too much time together when I was sick, which I am so happy for him and that he took care of me.

Oh BTW, I had a really bad kidney infection. Massive amount of E Coli in there. Oops..? I was in bed for a whole week, fucking sucked.

I am excited now, not worried or skeptical, to travel the world. Just do it. So...take the next year off, work at the skate park and substitute teach for money while Frank is home going back to school, and when the time comes...move around the world. Yeah, it's no graduate school, but it's more fun AND you can never learn something out of book as well as you could by traveling around and experiencing it.
//\\ one love //\\

[01 Mar 2009|11:25am]
It's Sunday. It is going to rain today, so I am not going to work, but instead working on my case studies and cleaning my room. Robb went to Tampa last night, therefore I am bored right now. I can't wait to graduate and move and start my life, it's exciting because I still don't know what I am doing, but I know I have someone in either place or option who will do the best they can to help me.
//\\ one love //\\

[21 Feb 2009|03:25pm]
pat obrians last night
old school beta crowd
refriending multiple people was funnn
epic hurricane drinks
mollo was wasted
i had a blast
robb spent 100 on drinks i think
i love irish car bombs
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[16 Feb 2009|06:36pm]
When we made a toast to new beginnings over wine in Savannah, I didn't know it would mean this.
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[07 Feb 2009|12:01pm]
i went downtown last night with 2 people that i don't know that well and sebastian, expanding friendships is fun.
i saw taken, it was a good movie. also, lobster volcano rolls are the best thing on the planet :)
i wish i was at gasparilla right now.
//\\ one love //\\

[05 Feb 2009|04:29pm]
working 40 hours a week
up at 6am to run, work 8-4, then hw, run again, or sometimes class from 6-9.
franks visit was good.
3 months until he is home again.
//\\ one love //\\

my marine [25 Jan 2009|08:03pm]
Frank was company honor grad, which is the highest you can receive, and there is only one per graduation. He is also an expert rifleman, which most of his superiors at Parris are not. He was also the PLT highest shooter, and was 2 points away from best pft (physical fitness test) out of the whole company.
In conclusion is he amazing. Going to be promoted to Lance Corporal in a few weeks :) He is only here for 8 more days though :(
Also, he looks amazing. We spent the weekend in Savannah. I got a ring, it's sweet.
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[20 Jan 2009|09:52pm]
Just ran 4 miles, obv. I am not even out of breath anymore, epic.
I got the OK to go to South Carolina to see Frank graduate, so I am on cloud nine, obv.
So lets see...
I don't have class tomorrow night either, which is awesome. I could drive up Wednesday night, but I think I am going to wait and just wake up early Thursday morning at 5am and drive up..still haven't decided.
I am really excited, it doesn't feel like it has been 3 months.

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[14 Jan 2009|06:04pm]
[ mood | epic ]

Just did my hair, looks amazing, love it.

Last night I went downtown to IBar with Robb, Randy, Brett L., Sara B, Megan Scott..takin' it back old school. Awesome time though, old music is the shitttt.

I am sitting in class right now, UCF's clinical experience and internship program is so ass backwards. I was supposed to start last Monday, but I drove to the school which is 35 minutes away, and the teacher is sick and they relocated my school but didn't tell me. Little did they know that I was going to throw a fit and NOT drive to fucking Ocoee. So they need to relocate me, aka I am missing the first week pretty much. Woohoo.

I am going to Gainesville this friday again, I love it.

Today I rode the motorcycle to the Blanchard park and ran 4 miles, not stopping in less than 35 minutes. Awesome.

Frank gets home in 9 days, hip hip horray!

//\\ one love //\\

[09 Jan 2009|04:59pm]
I am updating from my phone. epic. I love befriending new people and getting out and living life.
//\\ one love //\\

[07 Jan 2009|07:17pm]
I am sitting in class right now, I almost forgot that it started this week, I realized that it did when I was done with planning a trip to Savannah with my dad randomly. I had to call him back and cancel, bummer.
Class is boring, I get to see my baby in 16 days! I am so excited.
Today was a good day filled with running, sushi, brownies, and baileys. Epic.
I think I am going to Gainesville tomorrow, and I am going to the race track tonight on the bike. Maybe I will run it, I brought my jacket n my helmet. It is bright pink, I am a BA.
Life is good. Like Always.
//\\ one love //\\

i love life [04 Jan 2009|05:26pm]
I am about to book an apartment loft on River St. in Savannah GA for the weekend that Frank graduates, it is epic looking. Sounds like something he would like? I hope so.

So it's 2009, doesn't feel any different. I didn't make a resolution because 1 it is pointless and 2 I already have a perfect life.

I went to IKEA and the outlets the other day with Robb randomly, and spent like 350 bucks. Oops. I got a bunch of Lacoste and Burberry tops and polos. I am very excited about this. I am going to start going through the closet tomorrow and tossing old stuff and upgrading things :)
School is about to start, last semester, sad.

I went to Tampa for New Years, it was a lot of fun. "rough life" "irish car bombs" and "sanding door frames" would sum up the trip. Also, "this is why we can't have nice things" and "hey what do you have there! DRINK IT!" and "everything Dino touches spills."
It was good for me to go out and do something else that was not high school incest related, which I am so over by the way. So instead I got immersed in a different high school's bullshit and gossip, lol which was so much fun. Aaaaand if some people are not okay with that (branching out and hanging out with different people in a responsible normal friendly way) and always think the worst about something or someones intentions, then get over yourself and do yourself a favor by getting a life? (But not mine, because mine is sweet.) But trust me, work on yourself and your life and making it better, and you will not be so caring about other people's lives. If there is someone in your life that doesn't feel the same (and people do change and people need to realize it can't always be the same) then life is too short to keep trying to make it work. I don't know where this is coming from, a 2009 outlook on life I guess you could say..well in conclusion, I have had an amazing winter break and could not be happier about the friends I have (even though Robby left :( but he did just call me :) )

Soooo yeah, I've been running everyday still (with the exception of new years, oye), and today I ran 4 miles at Blanchard with Bear. <3

peace out
and in
//\\ 2 kisses [{ <3 }] one love //\\

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